Monday, July 23, 2007

Fertility Specialist Visit One

We arrived at TMC Fertility Centre at about 8.40am. We were amazed at the 'messiness' of the hospital. There was a counter at the ground floor but no one was manning it. The nurses walking into the lift did not bother about us. Then we took the lift to the first floor for registration.

After taking down our particulars and other medical history in a little cramped podlike space, Marido and I was brought into a private room for sperm taking! It was a hilarious experience... suffice to say that we giggled quite a bit. I looked at the jar after it was filled up and was amazed to see so little of it!! Apparently the amount is more than normal (but how do I know, I never measured them before). The sperm count test took 1.5 hours .. so we went off to have breakfast.

At 11am, we were back at the centre and had to wait until 11.30 before the doctor could see us. Dr Lee was a soft spoken man (he looks almost sad!) and he started to look at Marido's sperm count. Everything was normal except for the morphology (the normal was above 5), Marido's is like 10.. excellent quality!! So, that rules out any problems on the man's side. Hhrrumph! Here he has Olympic champion swimmers and I am still not pregnant??

A vaginal scan came next... a penis like item that was coated in lubricant was just plugged into the was freaky to see my eggs in the ovaries.... so many of them. The entire scan, finger probe (he dug his fingers in me!) only took a few minutes and was totally painless.. in fact, it tickled a bit. The scan showed nothing out of the ordinary. I am not sure if I sud feel relieved or bewildered. Relieved because there seems to be nothing wrong.... puji Allah! But bewildered cos .. so what could be wrong??

The doctor peered from his report to say that he wanted me to take Clomid to stimulation good ovulation and release of eggs.. and hastily reassured me that there is hardly any overstimulation of the ovaries in most cases. He also confirmed that there will be no physical side effects for most people. He then looked anxious to close the file and told me to visit on the 13th day of menstruation next month.

That cost us RM450 for sperm test, vaginal scan and doctor's fee.

I guess I felt relieved at this stage.. there was nothing actually wrong and so we still have a chance. However, there is this niggling irritation at the back of my mind that sometimes blows up to huge proportions (I think it may be aggravated by the fact that I am unemployed right now). Reading the books on getting pregnant did warn me about the slippery slope towards a strained marriage when it comes to a 'infertile' couple.

Well, more on this the next round.

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