Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My getting preggie endeavours

Cyn passed me a book titled "Catch me a Colobus" by Gerald Durrell. It's an old book by this zoo keeper about the antics of the animals in his zoo in London. He started writing books in order to be able to get money for the zoo that he was involved in. You can imagine how delighted I was to read stuff about animals. When I was younger, I positively loved James Herriot - Author of All Creatures Great & Small. But that is another story.

Back to this book, Mr D wrote about his attempts to breed the animals in the zoo. But leaving nature to run its course was not exactly a fruitful thing. After consulting another zoo keeper of another district that a successful breeding programme, he discovered that the animals needed to be feed a boost of vitamins and minerals made into something called "The Cake". The cake was easily made but when introduced to the animals produced no response as the animals refused to touch the cake. Even after starving them, the animals still refused to even sniff at the cake. The problem ended when he put some aniseed into the cake.. the animals went wild and proceeded to reproduce shortly after.

That started me thinking about my own reproductive self. Hmm.. I suppose I must be eating the right vitamins and minerals to get the body going. After researching about vitamins, I accidentally discovered (via an old ex-colleague) a book titled Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle McWilliams. In this book, where he and his team researched 500 supplements in the North American market. They discovered that sadly.. very few products out there is well absorbed by the body. At the bottom of the list are products like ... er.. better not to tell.. cos it's quite popular here - only 5% absorption. The best products are 3 brands - Douglas Labs, Truehealth (both not in Malaysia) and Usana. These products have about 90++% absorption by the body. So I purchased my first few bottles of Usana and let's see how things go.

In any case, it's good to be taking good supplements that are actually used by the body. I had hardly taken vitamins anyway, except for EPO.

I am also planning to visit the TMC Fertility Centre this Monday for a total check-up. I just cannot continue not knowing what the situation is. I suspect that I may have endometriosis. This would explain my more painful than normal menstrual pains.

Well, more news later! Thanks for being with me.


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