Saturday, May 03, 2008

Babies' names

I have decided to name my two girls M ia and M ikayla.

M ia has been the name I have used as a non de plume for this blog. It also means Mine in Spanish. Blessed Girl of Mine...... wonderful. So I thought that it is a very sweet name... short too. However, after I named my first born twin M ia, my housekeeper told me that in the area where she comes from in Indonesia, there are heaps of M ias... ka ka.. apparently it's not that unique a name here in Malaysia.

I initially wanted to name my 2nd twin M el.. but objections from many quarters citing reasons such as too popular a name (M el C, M el B, stars with that name) and also not to mention the ever handsome M el Gibson who is a MAN! Then I thought of another one syllable name - Mae. However, I already have quite a few Mays, Maes in my life so I thought that that was not suitable. Then after consulting and bugging Marido, we narrowed it down to Maegan (to be able to call Mae when we need to) and M ikayla/Michaela. Ok Ok it's 3 syllables but the name sounded sweet. Then when one of my good friends smsed me to say that she thought that Michaela was a great name with our combined surnames, I decided immediately that we sud be calling my 2nd twin M ikayla. In Hebrew, it means Gift of God (which she certainly is.. we never expected the joy of twins) and also means "Who is like God"... what a great meaning her name has. I guess we could shorted her name to Kay, or Mick or Mike depending on what feels good on our tongue as we watch her grow a little more.

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