Saturday, May 17, 2008

Instant Weight Loss Programme

I have to admit that giving birth is such an excellent weight loss programme. I did not manage to weigh myself right after I left the hospital but after one week, when I went back, I had lost 10kgs thereabouts and 10 inches off my waistline.. yippee! So happy to see that. So altho I still look like I am six months pregnant, I am rather glad that there is no longer the heaviness of the belly when I walk.. what a huge relief!

My weight is now at 55kgs.. that is also another minor miracle. That means I only have 5 kgs to lose to reach my original weight of 50kgs.. not to hard I suppose. But at the moment, the amount of food that I am eating definitely does not allow me to lose weight. I eat many times a day.

7am - A glass of warm fresh milk/ milo
10am - A steaming bowl of noodles with ginger wine
1pm - Lunch with 3 dishes and rice
2pm- A plate of apples
2.30pm - A cup of Tang Long wine/DOM double boiled with chicken
5pm - Dessert - either Red Bean soup, corn on the cob, some kind of black bean soup etc
7.30pm - Dinner with 2-3 dishes with rice
11pm - Nesvita or some late night snack!
3am - Nesvita
All days - drinking not plain water but Red dates water.

I need to eat so much to keep up the breast feeding. So have not lost any weight but who cares... I don't...;)


Biow said...

that's good to hear.. bfg is a very nice and comfort feeling.. yea, was eating every 2 hrs last time when i bfg too.. so hungry all the time..

do u feed them one at a time?

Mia said...

hmm.. I don't find bfg as comforting wor.. I find it strange.. like some fish biting my body parts...;)

I feed them in tandem whenever I can.. but if one wakes up like 2 hours after a feed.. then I feed her solo. Dunno got enuf milk leh.. keep on worrying about that..