Monday, May 12, 2008

My Twin pictures

Here are some shots :
Mummy with M ia and M ikayla (from here I cannot tell who is who).


M kayla wide eyed - Day one

M ia sleeping- Day One


Anonymous said...

So beautiful.
They don't look chinese.


Mia said...

yes.. they absolutely look like my husband.. I guess my genes are super not dominant at all. That goes for my sister too.. her kids look like her husband as well.

Thanks for the compliment that they are beautiful... it is a worry off my mind... I was afraid that they will look icky... strange mummy huh?

Anonymous said...

I thought Chinese genes are dominant. Mine came out with dark eyes and dark hair and looks like me.

You probably do not appreciate how gorgeous they are because you must be extremely exhausted. I felt the same too initially and he was just a noise-maker.

Mia said...

Hi Anon,

Yeah..I thot that Chinese genes are dominant too...

Looking closely, my eldest has my ears, nose and lips... the other.. looks like her dad.

Ok.. they are cuter now.. ;)