Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Both of you

I thought i'd like to have one of you...
But instead i got the both of you
you were something i wanted to have so that i would not regret not ever having
and when you two arrived ... regret came as well...
not becos there were 2 but becos i sud have asked for you much earlier

when i am with you...
i feel a tiny warmth infuse my soul and and it threatens to make me laugh out loud
and i do... becos you infect me with your happiness
when i am not with you...
i keep seeing your little faces on the dark canvas in my mind
funny faces, sad faces, adorable faces
runny noses, tearing eyes and drooling mouths
so disgusting but how i love the smellyness and the unique scent of you
In the quiet of my room when your brother is sitting next to me on the bed
with my hand stroking his brown head, my other imaginary hand is stroking your heads in the next room where you are

it's just splendid, magical and mysterious..
the way i love you
i've been given a gift, precious beyond belief..
thank you for giving me the privilege of loving you.


Biow said...

that's a sweet poem..

Mia said...

thanks... it was just written without any thought and so must be in the poem sense.. very raw and unpolished but heck cares..;P