Friday, June 03, 2005

1st watercolour painting in 15 years

This is so ugly but it's the first piece in my art class today at Kolej Intec in Old Klang Road. The teacher is Cikgu Afni and she is younger than I am.. abothen?? Getting older leh! Anyway, I am on this bet with Marido that I can and will paint just as good as that acrylic painting of "birds of paradise" on my wall which is a pressie from my in-laws. It was painted by Anita Siedlecki, an up and coming artist in Australia who happens to be Marido's friend's wife and my FIL services her swimming pool. They had to barter trade pool services for that painting. Have a look at the painting at the link below Posted by Hello


Spot said...

Hmmm..i think i prefer this to the tulips.

btw, i think your time zone not correct lah.

ame said...

Huh.. you prefer this?? Ok.. going to paint some more landscape pieces.
the time zone.. yes I never bother with it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me prefer the first one too! Hey, not bad eh! Looks like u managed to find an art school after all!


ws said...

eiii... i like. have been thinking of doing some simple watercolours but too lazy to get started. hmm... reminds me of rosie yeo, no?