Friday, June 24, 2005

Benny's dance gals

Posted by Hello We just had a "Shall We Dance" dinner and dance thingy by Benny School of Dance PJ at the Royal Selangor Club in the heart of KL. The RSC is such an old place and it started in 1884 and the 1st president of Mr Rodger - some chap from England then.

Richard came to pick us up.. he is not featured in the pix but the man (he badly needs a hair cut.. his hair straggly and touching his shoulders - to think that he used to be a hairdresser- I would dread for him to be mine) is the cute teddy bear of a guy who owns a laundromat. All the way, Sieg moaned that she was not dressed up enough and not pretty either. I looked at her and was so amazed by her smooth porcelain skin, silky long straight hair, hazel eyes and her row of teeth held by Damon 3 braces (it actually made her look so adorable)... and her lovely greeny silvery dress.. and loopy earrings. It was quintessentially her. In fact, she is so lovely that everyone can't keep their hands off her.

Even Benny, our dance instructor would put his fingers under her chin when he is talking to her. Or pat her hair. She always cringes when he does that. Hey, the man is like 70 years old, ok? See the pix! But he is still strutting his booty or what is left of it after shrinking for the last 30 years.

The dancers (from the school in KL) dominated the hall. The school from PJ only occupied one table out of 15. What was most fascinating was that there were so many beautiful girls and not so many handsome man... in fact, there were hardly any men. The ratio 4:1.. poor guys have to keep on dancing with so many ladies to keep them happy.

Sieg and I were critically checking out the women's clothes. Our scorn of their attire was pure sour grapes. What was worse.. they danced divinely... prancing around during Rock and Roll, swaying their hips to the merengue, looking so seductive in the salsa, gliding like swans in the waltz... sigh... twas a bad case of sour grapes.

We finally took to the dance floor after much persuasion from the guys. Benny twirled me on the floor.. made me look darn professional. Peter and Alan were also very helpful in making me look graceful. Sieg was stuck with Richard the whole time and looked like they were engaging in other things rather than dancing. They were dripping with sweat by the time they were finished. I did not even glisten.

Poor Marido went for Cell Group and had to tell them that I was dancing away with other men. The rest of the group were not impressed. Har har. To think that I am gonna continue with this dance thing. Hey.. it's not as if there were any wildly stunning Spanish men there... BEG (big evil grin)
That all happened on 17th June 2005.


snowdrop said...

oh whew, at first i thought you dressed like that all the time for classes.. in MY classes, we wear t-shirts and shorts! very unstylish, but hey, it's comfy :)

Ame said...

Eh.. you are still dancing? Maybe we should hang out at a dance place and check out each others steps. Do you go out for dancing? Actually in class we wear quite nice also.. cos most from work and on Tuesday, we would wear a skirt ;)