Monday, June 20, 2005


Sitting by the computer and writing this blog with Marido moving around in the background doing his work and answering his work calls is very reassuring. This is so when you have a man who is always going away. He is going away again tonight on the midnight flight.

How does it feel like to have a man who is constantly not there for the days of the week? Actually, it's kind of nice. I get to do all the stuff I want without having to worry about him. And I have been so used to be single that it's actually great. You know, I still have problems sleeping when he is in the same bed. Eekss.. there is a body next to me!!

But I love the weekends when he is around. We get all set to go out and enjoy the world.. lovely things like a long breakfast at La Bodega (absolutely fav place of their soup.. did I mention that I am crazy about soup.. remind me to ask Spot for the great kiam chye soup slurping session), a walk in the Astaka park where the footballers will stare at us cos we so the weird looking, looking into pet shops and cooing at the little perros and gatos, shopping for stuff or just looking at the windows in awe of the beautiful things that man have created and the most delightful highlight of our weekend is sitting on our pale yellow couch by the window and chatting about how our lives have gone by the whole week.. Que bonito!


Biow said...

eh.. u found a frogie pic! hee..
dun u miss the man?? i would..

Spot said...

"problems sleeping when he is in the same bed"??


Ame said...

Spot.. you are thinking about other stuff!! He.. too tired most of the time leh!

Biow.. yeah I miss the man but actually not that much. I am so used to have him not around that it does not bug me but when he is not around during weekends.. me sad! :(

Spot said...

dear, actually no, wasn't thinking that at all.

personal space issues much, no?

Biow said...

ame, after all ur trip, just accompany ur Marido lar.. must always sleep on the same bed together.. heh.. i'm paranoid abt this.. i terbalik.. if EM not beside me, i hv difficulties sleeping.. (like during the times he accompany ken in another room or when we are in my mom's place with not enuf bed to go ard..).. heh.. me sticky glue, ya?