Monday, June 27, 2005

ScotchGarding my stuff

3M Malaysia is sometimes I believe quite ridiculous in packaging their product. Here I was trying to clean my knapsack with Fabric Cleaner and lo and behold, the instructions to cleaning was stickered over by a piece of white instructions about how dangerous the thing was if put into the fire.. boleh meletup dan lain lain. Granted that it was a must by the Kementerian Kesihatan but do they have to stick it on top of the instructions? So the bodohnya!! What is worse is that I could not peel it off. Try as I may, but no amount of peeling worked. In the end, I took a knife and sliced the sticker into many 'checks' and scraped off the stupid sticker. Really must complain to Ai Kee from 3M.. her copackers must really botched up the job.. either that or she did not give clear instructions... duh!

Sigh.. in the end, I just washed the bag in water and soap.. hopefully it is not damaged. But when it dries, i will definitely Scotchgard it. Wonderful product the protector is.. keeps fabrics from being dirtied and also from being wet. Great on sport shoes too ;) Here's to my travelling spree!


Spot said...

hmm..i think the packing/sticking is done by the distributers.

anyway, let me introduce you to the miracle of...GooGone! It's sold at ACE Hardware and it does a fantastic job of removing sticky bits.

A note about your backpack...if it's Marido's, wouldn't be a bit long/tall for you? I know the shoulder straps are adjustable, but its the shoulder to hip ratio that i'm thinking of. it's absolutely imperative that the pack is snug against your shoulders and hips for a comfortable walk.

Ame said...

Eh.. the stickering was done by 3M themselves. I have been complaining to them when I was their distributor.. kar kar

Oohh.. GooGone.. sounds cool.

Ah.. I am ditching Marido's backpack in favor of a smaller one.