Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cynthia's dad

Another death this month. It was Cynthia's dad and he passed away on Thursday 9th March. He was 70.. he was already having some difficulty with diabetes and also needed to do a bypass. It was during the bypass procedure that his heart started to fail and 3 days later, he passed away due to heart failure. Cyn was already planning all the medication and treatment for her dad but it seems that he did not want to linger. In fact, just over Christmas, he pulled aside one of Cyn's old friend and told him that he was contented to go... after all, he had everything, 4 beautiful and financially successful children.. more grandchildren than he can keep up with and a wife that still called him a husband... He knew that his end was near.

I think about losing my own father and shudder to think how I would cope being an orphan in the world. True.. I am no longer a little child but losing someone who has been such a rock will surely cause my own boat to feel more of the storms of life. Here is to appreciating our fathers - (for those who have had wonderful fathers or mothers who has passed away.. I hope that you remember the beautiful memories)... and to remember that we are only mortal.

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