Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A picture on my table

There is a picture of on my hi-fi top which has a photograph of me in a hat and a shaggy white dog that I just picked up from the side of the road. It was taken by a friend Laurence who waltzed into my life right after uni days. He was a sweet fella. He took me out a few times and the photograph was done one day when he dragged me for one of these multi-level marketing talks where they heaped make-up on my face and made me look better. Laurence insisted on taking a few shots of me. Of all the shots, the one with the dog was the one I loved best.

Just few nights ago, I was with some friends (they never knew that I knew Laurence) who mentioned that he passed away in a diving trip. They did not know the details but they took out the obituary of him and showed it to me.

Laurence smiled and stared back at me. I oftened wondered about him when he waltzed out of my life... did he find a girl to marry or pursued his dreams... I never knew and would never know. Laurence, 38, an avid photographer, an architect, a kind man who left a little mark in my life... may you rest in peace.

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