Saturday, February 25, 2006


I was at Services Marketing class when a young man walked into my class. I felt my jaw dropped and heard my own mouth form an awed whisper "It's Harry Potter!". All at once, the rest of my class looked up and stared at the new comer. "Harry" was quite embarrassed at being scrutinized and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "Can't Harry Potter be interested in muggle studies too?"

I found out to my utmost disappointment that it's not Harry Potter after all.. as if Daniel Radcliffe suddenly aged 10 years and be in Malayisia. The young man who eventually joined my team for the assignment was a bashful, intelligent young executive working in an oil and gas company. His name- Jenq. While he was talking about himself (we were to get to know each other in the team), I was just gawking at his face with the bushy dark eyebrow, the fair almost white skin with glasses that accentuate his 'Harryness". To top it all, he even smiled with the crinkly way that I can imagine Mr Radcliffe would when he reaches his 20s.

When the conversation ended.. he turned aside to me and said "You can call me Harry if you wish".. what a laugh... he is so sweet. Let's hope that he is better in his teamworking and his assignment ability.


Biow said...

got such a name? jenq?

anyway, i like ur this color scheme/layout.. very padan w your frog..

Mia said...

Jenq is his name.. farnee hor?
Yeah.. I like this colour osso.. yes froggie land!