Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kids say the darnedest things

Last night I was sitting with my niece (henceforth titled Sobrina) who is almost 4 years old. We were colouring using my new highlighter pens and doing her school homework together. When we finished, I turned to my own Services Marketing in Asia book and started using the highlighter to highlight some important sentences that I wanted to remember. Sobrina looked at me quizzically and asked “Why you colouring?”

“Tia is studying,” I smiled at her. (Tia is Spanish for Aunt)
“Tia go to school?” Sobrina queried
“Yes, Tia goes to school” I replied
Sobrina came closer to me, with a look of concern and asked earnestly “What happened?”

My family and friends who were gathered round the dinner table burst into laughter. Really, Sobrina must think that her aunt is such a nut to be studying when only little girls went to school while people like her mum and dad went to work.

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