Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Kissing Game

Today, I had a chat with an old friend. We ended up talking about how many people we had kissed on the lips (not the chaste kissing your lovely niece type). I was almost ashamed to say that I could count them on one hand and knowing that I only dated 3 men and married the last one.. it does not take much to figure out that I am definitely a katak di bawah tempurung in this aspect. My friend was equally bashful when he counted his too. At least he could count on both his hands. We were wondering why we had never kissed each other... big laugh!* Grin* That would have definitely been a disaster!

One wonders if I had had too sheltered a life.... But I just never met many people I wanna sink my lips onto. Ok ok.. so there were a few hunks that caught my eye.. but they were not catching mine... so those could not have possibly been my victims. Not to mention I was not exactly a delicious morsel to begin with. But I have to say that I have kissed so many animals (esp dogs) that it cannot be counted.. ;) *Smooch!* Come to mama you cute little and big doggies!

I wonder what is the average number of people you have snogged before getting married or even just a plain.. how many people have you snogged? Anyone wanna give me a snogfest count of your life? Humour me.. I am curious. If you are shy.. just be anonymous or create a fictitious name.


Phoenix Heart said...

Eh, I had TWO boyfriends only, and didnt marry either one of them...but I dated more than these 2 :P

How many of those I've kissed? Hmmm, can still be counted with 1 hand lar...I not say like Hollywood star, can kiss here & there so freely one, kakaka.

Mine is a kiss to remember mah, hehe

Mia said...

Bua ha ha ha.. I think our kawan kawan will not want to share these deepest darkest secrets. But really, there were some people that I know I should have kissed just for the heck of it and see how that turned out and some people I should not have kissed at all.

Spot said...

7. And from both ends of the scale.

What a hussy. :)

Biow said...

1 and only 1.. :D.. dunno to be proud or to be sad.. haiz.

Mia said...

I say... Spot wins hands down. Must find the goat and ask her... since she probably the most but dunno... maybe Spot still wins.

I must widen my repertoire leh..Sud have thought about that before getting married..chuckle!

Spot said...

Hmm..I'd say that Goat would win.

But I'd still be the hussy cos of the variety!

Debz said...

gee, only 7 the max here?!?

yay... i win hands down. erm... i'm sure my stats is somewhere in the 30-50 region...

hang on.. does more = good or bad? surely don't want to be known as the slut here.

Mia said...

Gosh.. debz.. fantastic news... actually I am trying to find out if those that do not do much kissing.. do they regret? It's a definite yes for me.. but then again.. I cannot kiss unless betul betul have the hots for that person and so I really quite cold type.. cis!

Debz- consider yourself well educated in the art... maestra! alright.. you win!

Suz.. you .. you.. hus huh... variety (actually I can count for variety too - dogs, cats, hamsters)

Spot said...

30 -50 people? That's interesting.

I hereby pass you my hussy crown.

Phoenix Heart said...

yikes, 30-50 people???

eeew, no lar, I don't think I can do that...I too need to have the hots for that person. Otherwise, bleah, keep your lips away from mine!

woo-hoo! Debz the kissing queen!

Mia said...

Debz... what's your partner gonna say about that? Eh.. Debz's partner.. you got anything to say??

Debz said...

hahaha... that's all in the past, during my wild child days.
now only 1 person is enough for me.
my partner is pretty happy about my kisses and never complains the lack of it too. ;)