Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hermana arriving

Mi hermana (sister) is finally moving up to Rawang. Her marido is going to pastor a church in Rawang after being an assistant pastor for many years in Melaka. He felt that it was time to move out of Melaka and tendered his resignation in June last year. By February he was out of "work" but God gave his this church who welcomed him with open arms. They even provided him a home to stay.. at first it was an apt and then they upgraded it to a Semi-D... wow! Actually hermana is not pleased with all the space and nooks and crannies that she will have to clean. Not to mention that she will have to take care of 2 kids all by herself and cook as well... I think she will be very grumpy very soon.

However, I am thrilled that she is moving here. I will have my family close by..I think for me, it's another support that is going to be good for me. Poor Dada is back home in Melaka but i don't think that he minds very much. After all, all his friends are in Melaka and smum is there with him too. Thank God he is still healthy and still jogging around Bukit Cina... Smum joins him now too.

The journey from Rawang to PJ takes 1 hour.. actually quite far eh? I thought it would be nearer. It would be nearer if I moved to Damansara Perdana ... but at the moment... not yet.


Spot said...

How nice for you! And them too.

Indeed it would be much, MUCH nearer from DP. :)

I thought they were aiming for singapore...had forgotten abt that until you mention this.

Mia said...

they were but I guess there was an opening in Rawang.. good for me man. I am so thrilled to have them nearer.

DP.. ka ka...see how lah. Am finalising some stuff soon. Let you know details later

Biow said...

ohh.. so nice.. mabbe u can help her bbsit to get some training.. ke ke.

Mia said...

training... oh man! I think I will pengsan...