Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sayang... manakah gigi tajammu?

Marido has a bad case of bruxism. It's amazing the amount of teeth grinding he has done in his sleep. I would wake up and give him a shove in hope that he stops. I then drift off to slumber and not be able to hear him again. It gets especially bad when he is having a rather stressful than normal day at work. His teeth has been ground to half its length and the face has kinda crumpled (like you got no teeth)

We saw 3 dentists for him... the 1st at Bangsar but the top dentist was always away and so we never got any concrete news from them obviously.

2nd was at Bangsar too but Marido felt really odd going to a dentist who has buck teeth and talks like ELmer Fudd.

3rd was my dentist in Centre Point who was not at all experienced in this matter and so he refered Marido to Dr SIm in Damansara Dental Centre. After a year, I finally made an appointment to see Dr Sim.

Dr Sim was a very patient man who spent more than an hour assessing Marido's teeth and explained all procedures to me as if getting my approval. Finally a man who knows that making the woman happy is key!!

He took an x-ray, made 2 sets of teeth imprints and also tested with really thin foil on how good a grip the teeth made (to identify how to reshape future teeth).

We should be getting a call from him in about a month to consider what options Marido has in reconstructing his teeth. Let's hope reconstuction is possible!

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