Friday, April 28, 2006

Taking your fitness personally

I look at all the data that we've collected (Cindy, Harry and I) over the last 2 months and discovered :
1) only 3% of our population goes to the fitness centre
2) 80% of population do not exercise (like the way exercise is supposed to be)
3) 30% of population have heart related illness
4) 8% prevalence of diabetes
5) 50% of our respondents in surveys (which are the target market) are interested to join a gym (why they aren't already joining? Beats me.. I am one of them! Still evaluating mah..)
6) 81% prefer a flexible package due to either being a student, a senior citizen or simply do not have energy to go during weekdays
7) Location is the most important factor for choosing a fitness centre- duh!
8) 62% go to fitness centres for health reasons
9) Fitness First is the number one gym - surely this is based on location- hit the jackpot!
10) 13% cannot figure out if they are male or female

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