Monday, September 12, 2005

My Detox programme

Marido was looking sluggish.. and stressed and sooo not interested in anything. We both thought that we ought to try a detox-- been talking about it for a year. And so I called up Pure Health in Plaza Damas (had the address in my palm for 2 years- saw their editorial in The Star that long ago). We booked 5 days of colon hydrotherapy starting from Wednesday.

We had to have 2 days of pre-detox where we ate only vegetables and NO meat. Then the diet was thereafter liquid (made up of half glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, half glass of water with 2 tablespoon of wheat grass powder, 2 tablespoon of Psyllium husk, 2 tablespoon of UDO's Essential fatty Acid oil, 2 capsules of Pro biotics - friendly bacteria and a glass of vege and fruit juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Strangely I felt not much hunger pangs.

Then it was the colon hydrotherapy done in the facility. They give you a small tube-smaller than your pinky- where you stick that in your anus (by yourself) and cover your front with a cloth. They will then come to check on your and assist you to feel comfortable and start the water flow. Water will go into your colon and clean up the garbage that has been accumulating for years. You will be very satisfied to note that gunk actually come out.

Actually, I thought it was a breeze... oklah.. not that breezy but it was not terrible at all. And messy it is not. It's so well done that I was thanking the staff for making it so comfortable for me. Leak.. leak out where.. on to the floor? Nope... if you keep your bum where it is supposed to be.. you will be fine. Everything is done by you! When the water bathes the colon and detaches the fecal matter from the walls.. you will feel like poo pooing and then you push... voila... 45 mins of this and you are done for the day. Very easy if Marido .. who faints at the sight of blood can tahan this, I am sure that anyone can. We both lost weight and felt good. I actually feel the same cos I think that I am already rather 'healthy' from my fussy eating. But all the gunk that come out... wow! Amazing. And they are not the usual poo. The tummy is a tad flatter.. And my complexion cleared up a little too... still have loads of oil on my face but that sud keep wrinkles at bay.

If you are relatively unhealthy before the detox, you will suffer what we call Healing Crisis.. headache, nausea, dizziness... etc.. Marido had it quite bad.

We also did a skin caretonoid test where the machine scans the skin for level of antioxidants. it measures your skin activity for 30 days past. There are 5 zones, starting from the better - red, orange, yellow, green and blue. I scored in the green section with 45K and Marido a poor 16K in the red. The results is a combination of diet (not enough leafy greens and fruits), stress and body fat. Marido was not happy with his scores and is now taking Life Pak to supplement his diet (but only took a little at first like 2 tablets (not packets) a day as the body will react to the overload of nutrients by making you feel sick.

3 of my friends are signing up for this programme already.. a testament to the new me!


smileysunflower said...

I'm one of the friend and am truly glad that I went thru it too... Feels really good now... Funny as it may sound but it's quite comforting to see all those yucky gunk coming out of you....

Mia said...

Eh.. how much weight did you lose??

Debz said...

er.... think i'll pass this... me think me will faint looking at my own stuff coming out.