Wednesday, September 21, 2005

University of Nottingham, Semenyih

My mind kept of thinking of Semen... Yeh!! I have a Sad existence huh??

Semenyih is the new campus site of the Uni of Nottingham. When I enrolled in Uni Nottingham for my MBA, they told me that I would be studying in the KL campus due to the fact that the part timers will find it hard to commute to Semenyih. However, just one week before my classes start, they tell me that it will be in Semenyih. Semenyih is located on the eastern side of the Klang Valley.

I decided to drive there for a look see. It took me 50 freaking kilometres and 60 minutes just to get there. And that is only one way and minimum time. What if there is a jam... I believe my journey could stretch to 2 hours one way. It is much further than my old Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Bangi. Sigh! I wonder what I am supposed to do. Driving there everyday for one year is going to greatly increase my traffic accident potential.

Marido suggested moving closer to campus. I tried renting the Halls of Residences (hostel) but those were already fully booked from ages ago. Since we are renting our current place... moving is no big deal ... but move to where? Marido needs to be near the train station as we only have one car. We are looking around now... but how do I move away from something I am so familiar with. All my makan stalls are here, my doctors are here, my exercise classes are here, my church is here, my cell is here.... I have grown roots and sunk them far down the earth ...and it's hard to uproot! Sigh!


sunflower said...

hey! got the blog add.. will know a bit of what's going on in your head, now ;o)..g

Biow said...

ohh.. i love trying out new places.. :P

Mia said...

Hi Sunflower.. I sud imagine that you will be horrified if I wrote about you know who whom we totally adore... NOT!!

Biow.. still looking for suitable lodging without other students in the same house.. lau already .. not so tolerant of happy youngsters