Friday, September 23, 2005

RM75 for 5 mins

I had to see Dr Lee (he's Sieg's doctor for her pains and body trauma). I was having knee pain since climbing Franz Josef's glacier last year. And my wrists have been clicking and shout to me to stop when I twist them to wash my back during bathing.

According to the doc, my problem in the knee is not too bad but I should stop or minimise motions that cause pain.. ie climbing Mt Kinabalu... dang! I was gonna climb it next year.

My wrist pain is not RSI (repetitive stress injury).. at least not yet as there is no swelling. However, he recommends that I wear a wrist brace when I type or use the computer. Apparently this degeneration of cartilage of the knees and wrist is very common among women especially so among the working white collar ones with the high heels and computer usage.

Ok.. I have to be careful with my body these days. Not as young anymore

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Debz said...

oh no... didn't know the glacier walk caused so much problems to you ...

take good care of your knees & wrists.

uhm.. can i have that dr's phone number... in case i'm having my neck pain again. *touch wood*