Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pimples, Blackheads and Blocked Heads

I still have pimples.. hey- i thought being in the 30's you get less and less but apparently my hormones must have gone haywire. There are at least 10 on my cheeks... sheesh! Good thing they aren't the jerawat batu types.

And the black heads.. gosh... it's a skin therapist's heaven!

Been ill for a few days too. Fever, sorethroat, headache. All started when I spent 2 hours with Thomas T that lasted 6 hours. By then I was ready to strangle him as he went on and on about how to do a dissertation. The next day, I went over to Phoenix's place for her farewell (shez going to Miri to work with Shell.. cool!) You've should have seen the beautiful cake that Spot and Snowie made for her. It was an aeroplane with clouds at the side and the logo of Shell too!

I digress.. after the farewell, I zonked out for hours... really tired and felt ill. Then I could hardly finish my law assignment...*7(*&0Y^... I find law really complicated.. I think I don't understand they way they write things... had to read Law for stupid students...!!

today.. I feel better.. Finished my 2 law assignments- 2 more to go and another 4 more other subjects to complete. Sigh! I better go destress... brain freeze- if you know what I mean!

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Biow said...

i want to see the cake..