Monday, May 15, 2006

Why won't you love me back?

I cannot contemplate why you don't seem to love me. I have loved you since I was able to realise how beautiful you are. I cannot seem to imagine a life without you... yet you seem to push me away. Can't you see me... I have been here all this time.. all I do.. or most of it anyway, I do it for you.. for your sake.. for your good.. why do you not care about me? In everything, you seem to tell me to leave you, to start a life anew without you. You don't do me any favours, you ignore my existence except when you take something from me, you don't care if I married someone else..

How long will I be a fool? How long do I continue to have love unrequited? I love you so.. why can't you love me back??

Malaysia.. please love me back.....


SunflowerJoy said...

It's so true... sigh! I wonder how long our love can last.

Mia said...

Welcome back SUnflowerjoy!

Yan yan... what to do? Let's hope that the flame of love burns stronger.. we wait .. maybe one day it will be not just one sided.

Here's to all who love her too!

Fuzz said...

Not very original. Suggest you try thinking positive. Maybe the do - just don;t express it openly. Let's see what happens in 20 years. Get on with life.

Mia said...

it's called indoctrination Mr Fuzz.... but thanks for your honest feedback. I guess that I should on with life and go and marry someone else...yeah... we'll see how things are in 20 years

Phoenix Heart said...


ok what...i tot it'z been pretty good overall.

Yea, it cud be better, but it cud be worse too.

If u look closely, u can see that we have progressed over the the time of our grandparents, our parents, our time & those who have kids now. Vast positive progress, I think.