Thursday, May 04, 2006

True Fitness as opposed to False Fitness

I was trying out the 7 day free trial for True Fitness. I had a one day free personal trainer named Kamarul. He was so softly spoken that I had to bend towards him to hear him. I felt a little uncomfortable having to be so 'close' to someone I just met. Anyway, he was professional in other sense.. took me around the place (4 stories of gym and!) and showed me the equipment needed for all parts of the body.

It was good having an expert telling you what to do compared to when you are there the 1st time on your own and having to figure out the blasted machines where do I stick my foot or am I supposed to be dangling from the cord? Why is there a piece of stick here at my armpit?...

True Fitness are really all out to get members signed up. With 40,000 sgft in Sri Hartamas and 80,000 sqft in Subang.. they must be suicidal. The club was virtually empty when I was there at 11am. However it's definitely a growing biz with the creeping in of obesity and the urban lifestyle... howlah to exercise outdoors when you come back from work late...dark, scary, dangerous. In any case, sometimes when I go jogging round my taman asso got creepy feeling when many men pass you by and looking at you... not that I the good looking.. it's just the feeling I get.

But there is one thing nice about jogging round the taman.. there are 2 kancils there Josie and Bonnie (Short for Josephine and Bonaparte).. they are so cute... Max brings them out for a run almost everyday at about 6.30pm. Ok.. they aren't kancils.. they are minpins... but that what Max tells all the Muslims he meets there.

Just got invited to Max's place for a drink next month.. cool.. can't wait to play with his cat too.


Fuzz said...

I would be suspicious of a gym instructor who speaks softly to induce you to come closer. Don't tell your husband about this.

Mia said...

Don't worry Mr Fuzz... oops are you a Ms Fuzz? Never mind.. with a name like Fuzz.... I assume you either have a lot of fur or you are a Fonzie wannabe.... definitely sounds male to me.

Like I said...don't worry.... my husband never worries about these little things... to him, most man are not competition.... dogs are!!

Mia said...

men I mean... oops