Thursday, May 04, 2006

Courting Spotty...

I have an obsession about dogs. I was supposed to go visit my nephew who has just popped from the oven but when I was there at my sis' place.. I spent more time chasing the dog then peering with pride at my nephew.

Sigh! Definitely no maternal instincts yet.

Instead of learning to bathe the baby, I ended up bathing the dog.

Instead of cooing at the baby, I was making clicking noises at the dog.. getting him to come near me

Instead of feeding Elyon with milk, I ended up handfeeding Spotty with dog biscuits

Instead of petting Elyon's head, I was ruffling Spotty's fur

The dog was definitely a star in my eyes. Sorry Elyon.. you have yet to become as interesting as the dog.

Double sigh! Either I am strange or the maternal instincts are buried really deep.

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Mia said...

Poor Elyon... sorry dear chap... but you will be cute in my eyes when you are older.