Monday, May 15, 2006

My Malaysian Harry Potter

Here is my humble harry potter. This is the one whose girl friend feels ok with him hanging out with me cos I am soooo old I can be his sister?? Can you believe that I am not treated like an 'older' woman... woohoo! What an interesting feeling!

*Rubbing hands in glee* Hanging out with younger man does have its advantages.. no one seriously thinks that there is anything going on... esp the guy... he would be sooo comfortable... i get the benefit of a platonic friendship and some male companionship.... lucky older women!!! Seriously.....


The other younger man said...

Hey Mel,

So u hv a younger man 2 hang out with lar. Dun wan me anymore lar hor... sob sob

Mia said...

Hey dude,

Don't worry.. Harry is just a fad.. he won't linger here.

I still want to hang out with you... say what.. we do lunch soon ok. i'll let you know when.

Mia said...

Hey Harry.. if u are reading this... ;)