Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7 things I could not have done without during pregnancy

1) Belly Support Belt
My good friend in Australia bought me a support belt and it was such a godsend. I got Marido to buy another for me to for rotation.... and it really helps with the aches of the back and also with the weight of the babies since they are heavier than normal singletons. It's a wonder why women don't get them.. for the RM100++ they are worth it....!! Rather than suffer the aches and pains.
2) Ginger tea
Man! I was throwing up so much that anything that helps with the nausea - I would take it. Ginger tea in any form, powder, home made, store made...etc. It takes the edge of the nausea. Problem is you gotta down it all the time.. and ginger is 'heaty'.
3) Assam boi
I just had a funny tongue throughout most of the pregnancy so the asam boi certainly helps. I bought like 300 biji of asam... yummy! Bought them from Old Town PJ for a song!
4) Bread +Dry Crackers
Ok.. so I developed a huge liking for bread.. and the dry crackers were helping during the nausea stage. I like pizza too.. anything bready! I think that the body was just craving for carbohydrates since I threw up so much and pretty much had nothing in the tank!
5) Fajitas
Another carbohydrate filled food... but I loved it! It was like one of the only things I could stomach during those hazy days of nausea. However, until now, I still associate Fajitas with my early pregnancy.... yuck!
6) Barley, Cincau, Coconut Juice
When I could not stomach plain water, I seem to get some hydration from these traditionally 'no-no' drinks. My smum always scolds me when I drink these 'bad' drinks but hey.. my body seems to like them.. so take lah.
7) Bio Oil
I started rubbing Bio-Oil since my 2nd trimester. And I have not stopped since.... twice a day.. and I had a smooth belly until yesterday.. sob!! I guess the trauma of having 2 babies was just too much even for Bio Oil.

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