Friday, April 11, 2008

Another week at Home

Saw Dr Guna again this morning... that is him on the left but it's not my baby. He is such a pleasant doctor... anyway my CTG shows that my uterus is relatively calm but he is taking no chances... another week of bed rest for me and still on Terbutaine -2.5mg (Britaline) but on a lesser dosage.. twice a day. Man.. that is still going to make my heart palpitate and me feel ill.

After this week - I sud be 35 weeks old and he will not stop if the contractions come. Ooh.... i am going to have to feel the pain of labour... ai!!

According to many readings on the net, it would be normal to have crying bouts in the last few weeks.... wow! I certainly don't want that. Nevermind... i think I feel too tired to be bothered. Right now, I am still working from home but resting every 2 hours or so.

But I can see my work plans slipping down the drain.... oh dear.. too many things and so little time now.

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