Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nimbus's reaction to my little ones

I think about my cat and wonder if he will get jealous once the twins arrive? I would feel so bad if he got so distraught that he refuses to eat (read that cats may do that if they are very upset). Well... Marido and I have determined that the babies sud be in their own room across ours and Nimbus can continue to sleep in our bed tucked in cosily next to Marido.

I wonder if our idea to keep the babies in their own room will work. I just read in "The Baby Whisperer" book that babies below 6 pounds/2.7kgs will need to feed every 2 hours... Astagfirrullahhalazim... I would be like a cow feeding them. I may have to move to their room to minimise movement on my side. But hey... I will share more with u about that later.

This is a photo of Nimbus which I love.. there are many more but this one of him looks so how sud I put it.. serene. He is truly a darling cat. Now.. tell me how many cats will allow you to shower them without scratching you or even putting up a fuss. He really is a gentle giant for a cat... 5kgs... about 30% larger than most kucing kampung.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of Nimbus.

Sly sulked for a two weeks because of the new addition and he was not allowed in the bedroom. He is now allowed back in after we decided that he is OK. In fact, he is currently having his siesta on our bed with baby.


Mia said...

Poor Sly... 2 weeks.. that is a long time. I only hope that Nimbus sulks for 2 hours. I am afraid that he may run out and refuse to step back in.

Aha! I will probably be like you and put babies and Nimbus together.. after the confinement lady goes away of course.. I am sure she will have fits seeing the cat so near the babes.

Biow said...

geez.. bbs shd sleep with their mom.. sleep deprived is part of motherhood.. :P

AaahhH said...
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Mia said...

I am gonna be sleep deprived since babies below 6 pounds will need to feed every 2 hours.

I am gonna try to keep the babies in their own room so that they will be used to that room and will not kick up a fuss later (if I keep them in my room...and then change them to the nursery.. they will surely be very very grumpy).