Friday, April 25, 2008

My babies are coming!

I planned to have a c-section this coming Monday on the 28th April at 4pm to deliver the babies. I would have like to have a natural birth but seeing that they are both breeched as of today, it is highly unlikely that they will move to be engaged by next week. Anyway, I think that the lack of space makes it hard for them to move much except to kick and punch... oof!

Elective caesarean then! Checking into the hospital at 10am. Only allowed toast and milo at 9am.... so sad... I will soooo hungry. Anyway, I am sure I will survive. Marido initially did not want to be with me during the op. I think he does not want to freak out but I insisted that he be there for support... after all this is a 2 person effort, right?

The gynae was suggesting that I sud do a c-section next friday but I am already so big that I dunno what will happen by next Friday. I think that a planned c-sect is safer than an emergency one (which is what will happen if I wait for the contractions to come). So I asked to be cut up sooner. Since the doctor said that the babies will not likely need neo-natal care.,... it's ok... yippee!!

They will be small .. as babies go.. abt 2.6kgs but combined.. they are a whopper! In fact, my father-in-law's waistline is the same as mine! Har har. And a friend of mine solemnly said "It is interesting to note that at one point in time, ur waistline is larger than mine."

Well... so in total, I gained about 19-20 kgs... not bad considering I did not bloat up that much. I kinda looked like I put on about 4 kgs overall and everything else went to the kids.

Okie.. babies.. mummy is looking forward to meeting u... man! Is my life going to change.... phew!

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