Monday, April 21, 2008

Waddling like a duck and feeling like a beached whale!

I have always wondered why pregnant women waddle like a duck... I now wonder no more. Somehow, the weight in the front shifts the centre of gravity for the person to the front and we find it hard to walk like we normally do. Also, the legs cannot seem to close nicely so we have to walk terkangkang.. which is soooo ungraceful. Really look like either a duck or penguin! Ok.. at least they are cute.. I dunno if I look cute or just clumsy! Fortunately Marido is very very patient with me when we walk together... I take 4 times the time to get to a place then I used to.

Well... I feel like a whale esp when I am in bed trying to turn... I wonder why there is pain when I do so... the pelvic area hurts. And also when I am on my side.. which is the supposed best position.. I still feel like I am in pain. Yuck!

Tried watching some movies at the theatre.. managed to catch "Definitely, Maybe" - sad show.. divorces are always sad. And also caught "27 dresses" - now that was funnier but also Silly! Thank goodness the seats at the movies are comfortable. Otherwise I would have left halfway.

Hmm.. I have bitten my nails to the bones in the anticipation of the impending birth. Walau! Gross looking nails. Mantra "Not Long to go, not long to go,......."

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