Friday, April 18, 2008

On Maternity Leave

I will be starting my maternity leave on the 21st April. Nevermind if the babies have not arrived yet. I simply cannot walk or work without feeling tired and I would feel really bad about it.

So will be at week 36 during the 21st April week. This is actually very good news for me... that I have made it pass the critical 35th week. At week 35, the kidneys are fully developed, and the livers can process some waste products. Most of the basic physical development is complete —they'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight. Yippee.. what a relief off my mind. That would mean that if they come out now, lesser chance of being in the NICU. Phew!!

My big question is ... how do I know when to go to the hospital.. Doc said that to go when I am in pain.... but I have no idea what the pain will be like... some people tell me it's like diarrhea and others tell me it's like period cramps... some others tell me that they just feel some pain in the belly area... so I guess I shall have to find out for myself since every birth is kinda different.

Sleeping is getting harder now... I had to toss and turn (rather painfully too) to get comfortable. I feel that I am most comfortable sitting straight up but that is no way to sleep.

A funny thing today- I noticed that I get very very thirsty all of a sudden.. keep wanting to drink. Wonder why? And yet I don't go to the toilet that often... strange hoh?


Biow said...

first u will pang sai a LOT more frequently..

and when u'r gg to labor, trust me u WILL know.. if u'r not sure, means u'r not in labor..

it's mesntrual cramp that last 30s to 1min.. and then stop.. no more cramp.. then it will come again in intervals.. mabbe 4hrly, 1hrly, 30min, then 20min.. shorter and shorter..

but some ppl water bag burst.. so..

good luck!!

ohhhh so exciting.. u trying for natural first? or c-sect?

Mia said...

Hi Biow... my first option is of course natural.. but as of last week, the babies are lying traverse.. so a bit susah if i want to insist on natural.. probably vex the doctor like anything.

Yes.. being pang saiing very frequently now. Stomach hurts a lot now but it's not menstrual cramplike... must be the babies kicking or something.. they get hiccups too which seems rather like heartbeats...

Just taking one day at a time!!