Sunday, April 06, 2008

What harm can 16 flights of steps do?

On Wednesday, there was a huge thunderstorm that somehow shortcircuited my offices security system and also the lift. So I had to walk 3 flights of steps down that evening. On Thursday, I had to climb up that 3 flights of steps (not to mention the 1.5 flight from car park to ground level) and climb down again for meetings with merchants and then up again, then down again... all in all, about 16 flights.

At 6pm, I went to the toilet and to my surprise.. after I had urinated, I found my pants wet.. cud not tell if it was urine or amniotic fluid.. (nose not that sensitive!). I quickly drove home, took a shower and washed the hair, ate my dinner, called the hospital and after getting the advice from a staff nurse to come for a CTG, we drove to the hospital at about 8.30pm.

The CTG showed contractions that were one min apart.. not huge ones but mild ones that were dangerous enough. Unfortunately I could not feel anything since my skin was already so tight. I spoke to Dr Guna on the phone and he advised me that I am to be admitted, put on drip (to stop the contractions), given a steroid jab (to mature the babies' lungs), antibiotics (Augmentin- to prevent any infection) and to be monitored all night until he sees me in the morning.

Off I went to the labour room and got all that done. During the night, I heard screaming women and crying babies.. soooo disturbing.. what to do, I was in one of the many labour rooms in the maternity wad... I could hardly sleep... with the constant interruption of my CTG monitoring and the screaming women.

The uterus calmed down after one hour on drip .. amazing! In the morning, the doc told me to stay another day for monitoring. So I was wheeled in bed to a 2 bedded room which was already occupied by a new mother. Again, sleep was elusive as the new born baby cried almost constantly and the husband of the women slept with her and snored all through the night. I definitely must have my own room when I deliver!

On Sat morn, doc was happy to let me go with strict instructions not to climb more than one or 2 flights of stairs in the day (the stairs in my house sud be ok) and must be on bed rest for a week. Sigh! So boring to be at home. But at least its home and not at the hospital where I chalked up RM1800 in terms of bills for just 2 nights. Wonder how bad it would be when I stay in a single room for up to one week.

I am still on medication - Terbutaine 2.5mg (Britaline) which made me vomit the last time I took it but thankfully I only feel a little strange now..and Augmentine.

Ooh... so tired now.. going to rest a bit before lunch. So glad I have a helper who is busy in the kitchen preparing lunch.

More updates later. Good thing the babies have not arrived.. I believe that the human incubator is much better than the hospital incubator. Babies are very active since the incident... I feel pulls and stretches so muc more now. Very uncomfortable. Well, doc did say that if I rest.. I sud keep them in there till week 37.


adeline said...

Your little angels will be fine as God is watching over them. He will make perfect timing for them to be deliver into this world....

Mia said...

thanks.. need the reassurance. Little angels huh? Good I hope they will be angels... ;)

Biow said...


better rest all u can now..