Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weight and Waistline

1st month - 50kgs and about 26 inches in waist
2nd month - 48kgs and about 25 inches in waist
3rd month - 45 kgs and about 27 inches in waist
4th month - 50kgs and about ????
5th month - 53kgs and about ????
5 1/2 month -55kgs and about 34 inches in waist
6th month - 56 kgs and about 38 inches in waist (yicks!)
7th months - 57 kgs and about 40 inches in waist (measured at 28 weeks)
8th months - 60kgs and about 42 inches in waist (measured at 32 weeks)
9th months - 64kgs and about 44 inches in waist (measured at 36 weeks)- stretch marks starting to show

As you can tell, I am very very tired of being pregnant already. I can hardly walk and it hurts to move around. I was like practically begging the doctor to deliver my babies earlier.....

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