Saturday, March 01, 2008

The 7th Month

I am now finally in the 3rd trimester! With the start of this trimester last week at 28 weeks, it brought new aches and pains to the body. My leg cramps have increased to almost once or twice a night. Both legs are aching now as I blog this. Also, I have this persistent pain on my right side of the tummy... maybe it's one of the babies in that position.

Not only that, I have started feeling shooting pains in my groin area when I stand up and start walking. Due to this, I have been walking really slowly... much to my own irritation. Staying in the apt where I have to walk from my car to the lift, then the lift to another lift quite a distance away. This pain apparently is common to women who are late in their pregnancy and who are about to deliver. When I got that pain last thursday, I went to see a GP who told me that I looked like I was 8 months pregnant! Actually, to think about it.. I do have 2 babies who weight 1 kg each and therefore having 2 kgs of babies and about 1kg of placenta surely makes me look like 8-9 month pregnant. The pain could be symphysis pubis dysfunction where the stiff joint near my groin area start to move a bit too much due to the weight of the babies. This causes pain and inflammation and may progress to a more severe condition of intense pain when the joint loosen and creates a gap.... gasp!

My ears are becoming blocked again and I keep looking at my feet to see any signs of swelling. So far, I only have the above problems. Sometimes I wish that the babies can come out soon but if they do, surely they will have a hard time surviving since they are so small and not fully developed.

My gynae wants to monitor me every 2 weeks and also check for possibility of contractions via a fetal monitor belt. Well, next check up is on Tuesday.

The maid has not arrived yet... scary! When will she arrive? I have waited 5 months and according to the agency, she is to come mid march (they actually said that she is to arrive after CNY but it took longer than normal).

I found a baby sitter too but the distance in Bandar Utama is quite a turn off but the alternative is Kota damansara... yicks... worse!

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