Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I can't seem to eat much these days.. thus explaining my lack of weight increase. I try to eat chocolates and ice cream but the body does not seem to like them.. I get a funny, yucky feeling on the tongue after eating them. The same goes for fruit. The body seems to like bread.. or more specifically PIZZA! I have never eaten so much pizza in such a short span of time. Everytime Marido asked me what I would like to eat.. it's always the same answer.. PIZZA!

I think I do not have much space in the tummy anymore for food.. the acid seem to rise up the throat sometimes.. blegh! Yucky!! The babies are definitely squashing my internal organs. Sigh! Sometimes I am amazed that 3.5kgs of baby is in here... freaky! Can u believe it that by next month, i would have about 5 kgs of baby in here.... woah! Scary... Pant! Pant!

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