Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weight breakdown in pregnancy

Hmm.. I have put on 10 kgs now:
1) Babies are 1.8kgs each = 3.6kgs
2) Placenta are 0.9kg each = 1.8kgs
3) Amniotic fluid = 0.9kg
4) Extra Blood volume = 1.8kgs
5) Uterine enlargement = 0.9kg
6) Fluid in maternal tissue= 1.4kgs
7) Breast enlargement = 0.4kg
Total 10.8kgs

That seems about right. At least I am on track. Well .. I am supposed to put on one pound a week from now onwards or something like that. So let's eat more!! Yummy potato chips at my desk right now. And I ate a very calorie filled lunch today - pasta and fries. Delicious! Had McDonalds on Friday too. Crazy huh?

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