Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Retention

Ok.. am at week 32 now and finally the water retention has started on the legs. My legs look strange... kinda like I packed on the pounds there. And it has started to feel numb occasionally too esp when i am sitting in the same position for too long. Today, whilst at Genji Restaurant enjoying yummy sashimi (ssh! I am not supposed to eat this but i had refrained for the last 8 months...), I felt that my legs were getting numb!

I have gotten used to the swollen v a g i n a thingy... as well as the pain that accompanies it when I walk. But it does get rather bad in the evening.

I am 60kgs now and have a waistline of 42 inches.... definitely beating Marido. Now I can proudly say to him to "Move over! Cos I am larger than you!" when we are in bed and he is hogging the space!

Babies are 1.7 kgs each (or sud be) and the placentas are about 1kg each too I think... that means I have about 4kgs plus of baby and material in here.. so so tiring to lug them around all the time. Getting in and out of bed is like moving a beached whale... bleck!

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