Friday, March 14, 2008

Gynae comments

I am almost 31 weeks now and weigh abt 57.5kgs.. no change last week and this week....yicks. And I had another cardiotocograph and it showed that I have minor contractions. So I have to eat medication for 2 weeks to slow down the contractions.

Hmmm... so other than the swollen v a g i n a and hemorrhoids, all is ok.

You know.. people say that they always wanted twins.. and I am so lucky to have them... well I guess I am but it comes with a price... they are just too heavy for me now. If I count them, they are 1.5kgs each and an extra placenta is about 500gs.. so I have about 3.5kgs worth of baby material not including the amniotic fluid which I think must weigh a lot! Don't u think that by 3.5kgs.. the mother is ready to pop!?

Heavy, heavy!

Hmmm.. I had a bad dream one night where I gave birth to 4 babies - 3 boys and 1 girl and they all died. When I woke up that morning, Nimbus quickly walked up to me and slept on my tummy to comfort me. How the heck did he know that I just had a bad dream? The last time he did that was when I threw up 20 times a day. What a wonder my cat is!


Biow said...

nightmares!! *shudder*.. i dreamt so many ppl dying during both my pregnancies.. woke up crying inconsolably.. think it's the hormones.. it's gone when popped..
hang on.. soon bbs will be out to greet you.. better inside than out u will feel the first 3 mths.. keke.. mana confinement?

Mia said...

He he.. so far not many bad dreams.. and the babies dying were strange cos I was not expecting 4 babies.

Ya.. I think the confinement period might be tough. Confinement lady sud be a big help!