Monday, March 17, 2008

A 9 or 10 month Pregnancy?

I am a bit confused.... how do I measure my pregnancy in months? Well, most preggers count by weeks but that does not make sense to a non pregnant person who has no clue about pregnancy. Therefore I try to simplify by saying it in months.

Full term = 40 weeks
But if you divide 40 weeks by 4 (which is roughly one lunar month) then a person is pregnant for 10 freaking months!! That sounds very long and torturous. However, if we look at the normal gregorian month.. it has about 4.33 weeks. So depending on how I calculate it, I could be be (when I am at 31 weeks) :

Lunar month = almost 8 month (32 weeks being 8 month on the dot)
Gregorian month = 7 months (30.33 weeks being 7 month on the dot).

So which month is the right one for me to tell people?? Still confused. Well, I am been telling people that I am 7 months. Gee! Can't wait for the 8th month.

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Biow said...

40weeks is for easy counting..

a bb is 2w old on the DAY he/she is conceived which technically shd be day 1.. so 32 weeks means actually the baby is 30weeks.. so, normally when deliver at 38w (-2w) = actual bb age =36weeks divide 4 = 9mths.. hth (hope that helps)