Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last check up- 32 weeks

I had minor contractions shown on my CTG in the last 2 check ups and were getting bigger in magnitude... that was a bad sign. I had the cell group praying for me on this.. and lo and behold.. the check up yesterday revealed a quiet uterus.. wonderful!

Babies are growing well (they were kinda stunted for 2 weeks) and now at 1.8kgs each. Doctor was beaming when he told me that I only need to hang on for 2 more weeks - till week 34 for them to be relatively safe to come out to the world without much special care.

Both girls were sort of in a standing position this round instead of their usual traverse selves. Oh dear, I have been knocking on one rather violently to stop her from causing that much pain at my ribs. Poor girl.. probably have been knocking on her head.. bad mummy!

Counting the days till 34th week. Hmmm.. another 8 days to reach exactly 34!

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