Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stem Cells

Today I had a chat with a person from Stem Life. Marido and I are considering to store our twins' cord blood for the future. This stem cell thingy has been going on for quite a few years in Malaysia now.

We are hoping that the stem cells in the blood will be able to help anyone in the family later who may need it for cancer, any degenerative disease, injury... etc.

It cost RM3000 to harvest for the twins but I think its worth it.

Hmmm... I wonder if any of my friends did go for this? No one has mentioned to me except for the Suwitos. Must be a very private thing, huh?


StemLife said...

Hi Mia!

You look fabulous pregnant! Reminds me of the Runway Mom's program that's on StarWorld where the pregnant moms are all models and have beautiful bellies. :)

I saw your entry on StemLife and am certainly very glad that you are seriously considering storing your baby's stem cells. It isn't quite mainstream yet which is why probably not many people know about it (shocking isn't it despite the widespread use of internet these days) and hence your baby would still be a relative "pioneer" in this era of regenerative medicine and in the 5% of babies in Malaysia who have their own stem cell account.

StemLife has been around for many years now and its always fascinating for me to view our StemLife parent's blogs to see how much they've grown. Time passes quickly!

We've already assisted in 3 stem cell transplants and I'm happy to report that all the 3 children are happy, healthy and well. Their parents had the foresight to bank either their elder or younger sibling's stem cells, which made the transplantation process a lot smoother as they didn't have to venture overseas to find a matching unit.

I do hope that you and Marido will bank your baby's cord blood stem cells. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information (I'm sure you have our numbers) or check out our blog for some interesting updates on stem cell applications.

Big hug to the baby, mum and dad!

Yours sincerely,

Mia said...

Hello Sharon,

It's cool that you managed to locate me... !! Anyway, I signed yesterday with Suet Fun. She was really nice and explained everything very well.

Thanks for giving my twins this opportunity! What a wonder to be able to be look into the 'future'. My Malaysian friend in Indonesia is also going for it too. And another one with Pantai is also going for it.

Thanks for writing on this blog! Appreciate it!