Monday, March 03, 2008

Maid arrival

Today I had a call from my maid agency. My maid has arrived. Funny how I was just blogging about that and telling Goat that she has not arrived yet and here she is.

Debbie is about 5 feet tall and looks about 50kgs. She has a great smile.. with dimples. Her Bahasa is good... fortunately for me!! After I took her from the agency, I passed her to my sister for cooking and cleaning training. Esp the cooking bit! I will only put her in my home permanently when the twins arrive.

Debbie says that she is from an island called Entiti.. but I could not find it on the map of Indonesia. She mentioned that it took her one week by ferry to arrive to Jakarta and if by plane.. it's about 4 hour flight.. on a Air Asia type of plane. Must be really far.

She is the 5th of 7 siblings. Her father is a furniture maker and her mum is a penenun... a weaver. She is married with one son who is now 1.5 years old and is taken care by her mother in law. What drove her here is obviously to earn money. If she stayed back in her hometown to do some teaching.. she would only get RM150 per month. Here in Malaysia, she get more than 3 times that. I guess it's like the many people who keep wanting to migrate to get better pay or better opportunity. Hmmm.. at the end of her 2 years here.. she would have saved enough to relax for the next 5 years.

I was very glad that she told me that she likes cats. Nimbus will have no problems with her then. Hopefully that boy will not decide to adore her instead of me.. i would be so sad!

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